What we do

In a sense we are involved in supporting every area of the church’s ministry across Central Asia. There are many things that we take for granted in the UK: Bible colleges, books and Bibles not to mention free access to excellent healthcare and education that were founded by the church many years ago. Our role is not only to establish churches but to enable them to grow to maturity and be fruitful.

Sending Missionaries

There is still a strategic role for missionaries to stand alongside our brothers and sisters in Central Asia. Evangelism in the places that remain stubbornly unreached, discipleship to enable to the church to grow and reach the unreached, compassion to meet the very real needs that still exist across Central Asia.


Most people in Central Asia have not heard that God himself came to earth to forgive them from their sin, and offer them salvation for eternity. We are committed and passionate about sharing the good news of the gospel with Central Asians through presenting Jesus Christ in a culturally sensitive manner. This involves learning language, reading and re-telling the biblical narrative in a Central Asian mother tongue, and praying that God will reveal himself to these beloved people.


The fastest way to grow the church in Central Asia will be via the slowest route – discipleship. The church in Central Asia is not much more than 30 years old and still suffers from growing pains. Many believers come from broken family backgrounds that you just wouldn’t  believe: broken marriages, drugs, alcoholism and prison are sadly all too common. The Bible needs not only to be taught but lived publically as an example and believers gently encouraged.

Church Planting

Many parts of Central Asia have no living, witnessing church. People International’s vision is to see fellowships grow in every community by supporting church planting by nationals or by pioneering ourselves in new areas. In all we do we strive to gather new believers together to study the Bible, worship and encourage one another in styles that are comfortable and fitting within Central Asian culture.

Leadership and Development

Central Asia has a small but vibrant church that is growing in the hostile environment of persecution. Many of its leaders are young in years and faith, and carry great responsibility. We are increasingly involved in supporting the Central Asian church by training leaders to teach from the Bible and develop Biblical leadership patterns, as well as developing areas of pastoral care such as marriage courses and developing Christian character.

Bible Translation

How wonderful to have the Bible open in front of you in your own language and confidence that it has been translated well. You read Galatians and see grace, the Psalms and see poetry. We work with others to translate the Bible into the heart languages of Central Asia. But it doesn’t stop there – next there’s the challenge of putting God’s word into the hands (or phone) of those who want to read it.

Gospel Media

Television, mobile phones and the Internet are as important to Central Asians as they are to the rest of the world, and are a vital means of communicating the gospel and truth, especially in societies where the written word is not so prevalent. As wells as translating and distributing Christian books, music, satellite TV, video and Central Asian Christian internet sites are effective tools to build up the church. Mobile phone technology means scripture can be distributed and read more securely.

Community Projects

We believe God has called us to serve the great practical needs as well the spiritual, and Central Asia despite its rapid change and development over the last two decades nevertheless has many needs that the state is not always able to meet. We carry the biblical mandate to serve the most poor and vulnerable through projects with disabled children, orphans and the elderly, supporting businesses to create employment opportunities as well as digging wells in remote and difficult areas.

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We talk of the Second Coming; half the world has never heard of the first.

Oswald J. Smith

If God calls you to be a missionary, don’t stoop to be a king.

Jordan Grooms

There is nothing in the world or the Church — except the church’s disobedience — to render the evangelisation of the world in this generation an impossibility.

Robert Speer