Opendoors summarise the situation in Turkey as follows…
Turkey’s rank on the World Watch List rose sharply this year, from #45 to #37. There are three notable trends in Turkey at the moment: the presence of radical Islam, the ethnic conflict and the changing political scene. Each of these trends are linked to each other, and all of them will affect Christians in Turkey. Persecution in Turkey is shaped by Islamic extremism, and is increasingly marked by violence. Pressure on believers from Muslim backgrounds is especially acute due to the Islamic social environment. Increasing pressure on Christians is fueled by Turkish nationalism and a regime that aims to Islamize the country. Suicide bombers attacked Istanbul Airport in July 2016, which has been an area of historically strong Christian strongholds, which is just one example of how persecution is significantly increasing in Turkey.

Turkish spices at market stall

On the other side of the coin, our mission workers in Turkey are feeding back an increased openness to speak about spiritual things, and fresh opportunities to share the gospel – as recent events means many are asking the bigger questions in life.

On one specific, please do pray for Rev Andrew Brunson, a U.S. citizen held in a Turkish prison who was recently denied his appeal for freedom. View the latest update on Andrew’s situation from WorldWatch Monitor.