For many years Peter had been working under a local NGO, but the time had come to finish that relationship. While it took some work to do the hiring and to find a new office, one unexpected benefit of breaking away from the old local Muslim NGO is that it has opened the doors to some new meetings with local believers.
Several local believers have dropped in to discuss issues and life with Peter…

One brother, “Light” – has his family in this city, and came to see Peter and is looking for a job to stay instead of going back to Russia.

Another brother, “Compassion”, has asked Peter to be his partner in an agricultural business initiative here. Peter will be supporting him practically on the business side as a consultant in administration. It fits well with the development project Peter is running. This brother’s vision is to create jobs for believers in villages.

Tajik people

Tajik people

“Radiant”, who is now working in the capital, but grew up in this city, came down specifically to meet with Peter to ask him to help make his NGO more professional. He is an effective evangelist and he wants to work with village communities to help them, and at the same time see the gospel go forward. His wife is a successful businesswoman who has started a nursery, but also wants to see the lives of village women changed. Peter visited their home in the capital last week, and they have follow up meetings planned.


Another brother, “Reciter”, works at a bank near to the new office. He stopped in to talk, sharing how they are seeing Muslims coming to Christ in their home group. He is struggling to decide if he should leave his bank job and try and do church work full time.

One brother, “Faith”, came up from the south for his driving test, and stayed the night. Peter and this brother spent a long evening talking about being a godly man, husband, and father. He and his wife know of only one other believer in their whole region of thousands. They sang songs together, and it was the first time he had had a chance to sing worship for as long as he could remember. He took their Uzbek songbook to share with his wife!

Peter writes: “Please pray for these brothers, as husbands and fathers. Some are in groups, some are leaders, some are more isolated. Pray for their wives and children. They are working to shine out the light of Jesus among Muslims here. They are full of hope, but also get discouraged, just like we do!

Praise God for openings to work with and encourage them. Pray that they can all be part of reaching the two million Tajik, Uzbek (and a few Turkmen!) Muslims where we live.”