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Summer Evangelism Short Term Mission Trip to Central Asia

Share the gospel with Muslims who have never heard!

Dates: May / June 2018
Cost: £300 plus the cost of airfare (approx £400-600)
Contact:  call us to speak to Iain or John on 01892 545509 or email us at [email protected]

(18 years+, exact location and dates not displayed for security reasons)

We are offering a unique short term mission trip experience…

Be part of an outreach team in a unique part of the world, Central Asia! The team’s main activity is leading small groups of university students in conversational English practice (no teaching experience necessary) and then the rest of the time is open to continue relationships with the students through informal meetings, picnics and outings. This well established programme (started in mid-1990’s) has resulted in many students receiving Christ and being discipled in a local church.

This team is open to all ages over 18 years. Older participants are very respected in Asian culture, with the added bonus that they can relate as equals with the teachers or parents of the students.

Who will you be reaching on your mission placement?

Central Asian Muslims. Although after 70 years of communism, Islam is not a big part of their lives. Most young people know God exists, but know little about Him. There is great spiritual openness, but who will fill it? Islamic countries have constructed thousands of mosques, and sent Islamic missionaries. Jehovah’s Witnesses are there, and other cults. But praise God, we have the opportunity to share the Gospel, and Central Asian students are turning in faith to Jesus as the Messiah.

Interested?  Call us to speak to Iain or John on 01892 545509 or email us at [email protected]

Will you join us in prayer?