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Want to explore the option of your own tailor-made mission trip?

Perhaps none of the dates work for you, or for other reasons you would prefer to arrange your own trip? Maybe as a church, mission committee, homegroup, or Christian Union? We are very open to this, and can work with you to plan a tailor-made GLSD trip.  Do get in touch to chat through this option…

Covid-19 update: we hope the ‘discover’ event will go ahead, but if that is not possible, we will be planning creative and innovative ways to hold this event online. Please check back on this page nearer the time. Any queries, you can get in touch by email at: [email protected]

‘discover’ weekend: 11 – 13 June 2021
– for any considering overseas mission

Discover weekend - for those considering overseas mission

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Discover weekend - for those considering overseas mission

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     I have never been to Central Asia. Does that matter?2018-01-31T14:54:32+00:00

    No. Central Asia is a unique and relatively unknown region but offers exciting and rewarding opportunities to reach the unreached with the Good News. It is definitely ‘off the tourist trail’ and needs to be experienced first-hand on a short trip before committing to living there longer-term. We arrange short trips to visit our work and teams for people interested in serving there.

    I have heard Central Asia is a dangerous place; is it a safe place to work?2018-01-31T14:54:32+00:00

    Yes, as much as anywhere is ‘safe’ in today’s world.  Most of the countries where we work are peaceful and relatively stable. Though Central Asia is mainly Muslim, you will receive a warm welcome as a foreigner when you stick to simple cultural rules and respect the local people. There are parts of the region where we would only send experienced people due to the security risks being higher.

    I have no training as a missionary, does that mean I can’t apply?2018-01-31T14:54:32+00:00

    It depends. If you are planning to serve long-term (one year +) you would probably need to have some bible college training or equivalent experience. For short-term (one year or less) you are not required to have training, but will go through a simple application process and informal interview.

    Do you offer short term trips?2018-01-31T14:54:32+00:00

    Yes. Every summer we offer a 2-week trip to be part of a team teaching conversational English in a private university. We can also organise tailor-made trips for people to a variety of Central Asian countries to particular projects with specific skills.

    I am a TEFL/ESOL trained teacher – are there opportunities for me in Central Asia?2018-01-31T14:54:31+00:00

    Yes! There are many opportunities in International Schools, language schools/colleges and universities.

    Why are most of your opportunities not salaried?2018-01-31T14:54:26+00:00

    We like to send people to Central Asia who are supported and backed by their churches and supporters, and who feel called by God to go in faith into challenging situations to reach the unreached.

    What does personal support mean and how to I go about raising it?2018-01-31T14:54:26+00:00

    It’s really a number of gifts given by churches, friends and family that cover all your expenses for serving with People International – living, travel, ministry, insurance and pension included. As a charity we can claim Gift Aid on many of these gifts and pass this on to you.

    Can I do Christian ministry in Central Asia?2018-01-31T14:54:26+00:00

    Yes. Everyone who works with us are involved in ministry in one way or another, whether that is in discipleship, teaching school children, bible translation, humanitarian projects or running a business.

    I am keen, but my family or friends are not so sure it is a good idea?2018-01-31T14:54:26+00:00

    This is not unusual. People are naturally concerned for our safety and well being, and some may be opposed to it because they don’t agree with missionary work. However, we believe God is with us to help us overcome these obstacles. Many come round to valuing the work we do after seeing the welcoming culture and impact we can have.

    I am worried I might not be able to learn the language well enough?2018-01-31T14:54:26+00:00

    You are not alone! Most people who come to us are not linguists and take much time and effort to master the host language. Our teams provide support and help with language learning.

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