“Ten years ago God called a couple to leave their home in the capital to do church planting in a different city. This was not the first time Feruz and Nargiza had followed God into unknown territory. As teenagers they both had heard about Jesus and had decided to follow Him wherever it took them. Their Muslim families were not happy with the first decision and they suffered. Now, after being reconciled with their families God seemed to take them away again.

Pioneer church planting in Central Asia

Feruz and Nargiza have been involved in pioneering church planting in our city ever since. They share about their hope of forgiveness of sins and eternal life. They pray for people’s needs. They help people to be delivered from the works of darkness. They baptize people. They walk alongside new believers teaching, encouraging, correcting and rebuking while sharing their lives and home. Meanwhile their family has grown as God blessed them with four children.

We have known Feruz, Nargiza and their children all these years. It has been a joy to hear about their ministry and to see their continual desire to grow in their own faith and work through tough things with the grace of God in their family. We have been able to help them with questions about child raising, discipleship, business and in return we have learnt about their ministries and the power of prayer in local people’s lives. Most of all we have shared prayers for different needs.

At the beginning of this year they prayerfully started the process of joining our team. Having been part of an expat team when they first arrived, they missed the vision, encouragement and accountability that team life brings. They also missed the social side of getting together to pray, have fun and celebrate birthdays and special occasions. We had already been doing ministry together in various ways, but we had concerns too. We really didn’t want to interrupt the ministries they already had and add extra meetings into their week. As a team we discussed how it would look and prayed and sought the Lord in the matter. We decided if Feruz and Nargiza were to join us, we would make the effort to be more local as individuals and as a team, not vice versa. They joined our team in April.

Local folk being baptised, although disappointments as well

When we arrived back from our organization conference we had them over to our home. They shared about their new house, their summer and the ministry. We were overjoyed to hear about local people coming to Jesus and being baptized while we were gone! They also shared their disappointment when believers make poor choices and deliberately disobey the Word.

We would ask you to join us in this ministry by praying for all of us: Feruz, Nargiza and their children (one more is on the way!) and us as expats serving alongside them. Please pray for their families, who are all still Muslim.”