Online mission presentation tailored to your church / homegroup

I would love to join you in your "new normal" church meeting on Zoom and share with you something of gospel work in Central Asia, or your Zoom homegroup, or even just a few friends you can get together online.

I can tailor presentations to your requirements, with opportunities for questions and interactions. I'm also happy to teach the Bible if you want this as well. You tell me how I can serve you!!
We can also mail material for mission packs for distribution to your group. We don't expect or anticipate any gift for meeting with you online, I'd just be delighted to have the opportunity to share the challenge of getting the gospel to the totally unreached people of Central Asia and spend time with you.
Please submit our enquiry form or drop us an email and we'll get a slot booked.
Al's presentation really helped us get a glimpse into the world of believers in Central Asia. His enthusiasm was so evident I forgot I was on-line! I wholeheartedly encourage churches to set an online meeting.
Adrian, Church Elder
I’d be very honoured and delighted to be committed to pray more thoroughly and regularly as what you shared during last night's presentation really impacted me.
Carole, Church member
Thanks for your presentation which was informative, well presented, extremely challenging and worked well!
Phil, Church Pastor

Would you like to book a speaker? Why not run a Central Asian Mission event?
Curious to find out more about the stans’ – Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan etc?

Sandwiched between Europe and Asia, but not firmly in either, this region has all but fallen from the gaze of the world and, more worryingly, the view of the Church. At 1/2 billion people, less than 1/2% of whom are Bible believing Christians – Central Asia is the least reached region of the world. But YOU can start to make a difference today – and one way you can do that is by holding a mission event at your church to raise awareness of Central Asia. How much do you / or your church know about the Stans?  In our experience, folk are fascinated to hear about the likes of Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan etc. and what God is doing in this largely forgotten region of the world.

We are flexible and will work with you to design an event that will work best for your church – everything from a fairly typical mission presentation, through to something quite different, depending on your church and your objectives.  A ‘Central Asian evening’ involving a Central Asian meal, plus a creative introduction to their culture etc. has proved to be a popular event.

On a different tack, our UK director Al, amongst others, can speak on a variety of mission related subjects.  For example, on current challenges, future trends, and why we still need to send missionaries (not only train local ethnic believers)…

To discuss the possibility of booking a speaker / holding some form of mission event, call us on 01892 545509 and ask for Al or Marcus.  Alternatively, get in touch at [email protected]