Praise that two new churches have opened in Turkey with legal registration, meaning they can meet publically and legally. One is in the ancient Chalcedon district of Istanbul, the other in the southern city of Antalya. Pray that these churches, situated in the same region as the Seven Churches of the Book of Revelation, would ‘hear what the Spirit says to the churches’ (Revelation 2:29).

Also, pray for Turkey as the trials of 500 people suspected of being involved in the attempted coup in July 2016 begin. The country has extended the State of Emergency and tensions are still high. Pray for truth and justice to prevail, and for the government to serve its people well.


Pray for a worker in Iran that is seeing God working in the lives of many local friends. Pray that the Spirit would lead them to truth, and that they would not be deceived by the enemy. Pray for the worker to continue to be blessed with work opportunities to enable him to stay in the country.


Praise for small groups of believers meeting in homes in a city in the south of Azerbaijan. Some are new believers and some have been believers for some time. Pray for the people that are discipling them that they would be effective and fruitful, and pray for God to build His church in this part of Central Asia.


Pray for Russia following the introduction of stricter laws regarding missionary activity. In the last year there have been 138 convictions of people from different faiths, including many Christians. Pray for local churches and leaders to have wisdom in navigating these laws, and for the church to grow.

Please pray for the new students starting at the Eurasian Mission College in Kazan. They will be arriving from all over Central Asia to live in close quarters in the College and this can be a struggle for some. Pray that they will make the most of the opportunity to spend this year of study.