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Dear supporting friends,

At this time of great uncertainty, we take great heart in a God of certainty. It seems as if everything is changing hourly, rather than daily in the lives of everyone, so whatever I write will be out of date by tomorrow. Nevertheless, we want you to know what is happening so you can pray alongside us…

  • All our field workers in Central Asia have chosen to remain in their countries, except one more elderly lady with underlying health problems and one couple who have got “stuck” in the UK after a family wedding. The decision to remain is a significant statement to those they work with in these countries, which increases their credibility – and hence gospel witness. However, this comes with a risk too – it is no longer possible to evacuate many of our workers from their local situations in an emergency because borders are closed. Please pray for our workers on the field and also for their families back in the UK who have concerns for them
  • The UK Office is continuing to operate, with all of us working remotely. You can continue to contact us by email, but phone messages left at the office might not be picked up for a few days. Our main job is to keep everything running as smoothly as possible to support our field workers at this time. Please pray that we will do this with wisdom and manage this unusual situation in a God honouring way
  • Thank you to those who have mailed cheques into the office. As more and more people bank online, we have been paying cheques in every week or so to use our time efficiently and we plan to continue doing this, but the delay might be a little longer than normal. Whilst we very much welcome and appreciate all gifts, online giving does reduce risks for our staff. Please contact us if you need our bank details to do this, or view our giving website page which has all the details you need
  • Whilst we cannot visit you and/or your church personally at this time, we can link with churches and home groups in the virtual world. Maybe your church of home group might like one of us to join you “live” on Zoom and do something on Central Asia? We’re working on options at the moment, so please let us know if you might be interested in something like this
  • Interestingly, the New Testament doesn’t encourage us to pray that hardships and difficulties will disappear, but that we display the light of the Lord Jesus Christ amidst the darkness of this world. Please pray that our workers in Central Asia and believers right across the UK will have real gospel opportunities amidst the anguish and despair of the world. Pray that all of us would hold up the hope of the gospel in a world that really needs hope and that this terrible pandemic will result in people turning to the Living God
Thank you so much for your continued support and prayers. We cannot do our work for the gospel without your ongoing partnership. Please let us know of any serious situation that you face either now or in the days to come so we can pray for you too! May you know the peace of God in your hearts.
With much blessing

Director, People International UK


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Update message from Al – 6th April