Forum18 reported a number of raids on the homes of Christians during the second half of 2017 across Uzbekistan. These raids carried out by uniformed Police, NSS and unnamed agencies all resulted in the seizing and destruction of Christian literature, music and Bibles as well as large fines, many times the minimum monthly wage.

Strict censorship is enforced against all religious literature, and officials often raid private homes to search for such texts. Texts including those which have passed the state’s censorship are routinely confiscated. Officials have also ordered that religious believers cannot read religious texts – such as the Bible – in their own homes. Followers of a variety of beliefs are afraid to keep religious literature in their homes, and some have even felt they must with great sadness destroy their own religious texts, a cross-section of people have told Forum18.

Please continue to pray for church leaders who are particularly vulnerable at this time across Uzbekistan. Pray also for wisdom in distributing the new version of the Uzbek Bible that has been completed within the last year.

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