This year I have noticed how many people have put up their Christmas lights in November. It seems that lockdown has felt so dark that many felt the need to lift their spirits and turn on their multi-coloured lights. As an unseen germ has turned the whole world upside down and made this a year that will not be forgotten in our lifetime, I can see why people want to brighten their existence. Our Saviour, Jesus Christ, was born into humanity as the Light of the World and in a world that is consumed by darkness of sin and rejection of God, the light of the gospel still shines brightly today. In fact, Jesus isn’t just the Light of the World, he is the only real light in this world – without the hope and life that he brings, this world remains lost in a darkness that will stretch into eternity.

Is Covid Central Asia’s greatest tragedy?

Central Asia has been very badly hit by Covid and the health systems cannot touch anything like our NHS, but even the tragedy of Covid terrible though it is, is nothing compared to the tragedy that over 1/2 billion people know nothing about the Light of the World and they live in darkness, pass into eternity into darkness without getting the opportunity to hear that there is light, life and hope in Jesus Christ. Our own nation has pretty much despised the Light of the World, but most people still have access to discover the light – and this isn’t the case in Central Asia. In many of these countries, 40-50% of the population are under 26 years old – another generation growing up without the truth and hope of the gospel, whilst 10,000 people die every day on average in Central Asia.

A plea and prayer for Central Asia in 2021

Please forgive my passion – but how can this be as we approach 2021? Please pray that the gospel would reach Central Asia in a special way in 2021. Whilst our urgent call is for more workers to get up and go, everyone reading this is able to pray with fresh determination to our God who can do “immeasurable more than all we ask or imagine”. Thank you for your prayers and support!

Join us in prayer

Please consider joining us for our monthly share and prayer each month – 8pm Monday 21st December is the next opportunity (strictly one hour). As part of the “share” part, we will be hearing from a family preparing to pack up their lives in the UK and move to Azerbaijan to commence a new ministry, followed by an opportunity to pray for them. For a Zoom invitation each month, please email us at [email protected]

Much blessing and DO enjoy and celebrate the Light of the World this Christmas!!