Why not send your church leader(s) to Central Asia?
Give them the opportunity to find out more about the stans’ – Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan etc?

Sandwiched between Europe and Asia, but not firmly in either, this region has all but fallen from the gaze of the world and, more worryingly, the view of the Church. At 1/2 billion people, less than 1/2% of whom are Bible believing Christians – Central Asia is the least reached region of the world. But YOU can start to make a difference today – and one way you can do that is by sending your church leader(s) to ‘go and see’.  When folk go, many fall in love with Central Asia, and who knows it might be the start of a special relationship between you and the Central Asian church..?

To discuss the possibility of arranging a trip for your church leader(s), call us on 01892 545509 and ask for Al or Marcus.  Alternatively, get in touch at [email protected]