If you believe God is directing you towards mission work overseas, there are some initial steps you can think about taking. The starting point is prayer – talking to God about what He wants, praying with your partner or close friends, praying with people who you trust including your church leadership. Committing this venture to God and being accountable from the beginning is essential.

If God has directed you to a country or a particular ministry, get in touch with agencies that work in this field and start a conversation with them. All agencies will have a dedicated person that works with people who are taking their first steps, and it is their job to help you explore where the Lord might be directing you. If you are based in the UK, consider looking at these website to help you search for the right agency:




Do you know anyone who has served abroad, or who is serving now? Talking to people who have experience is very important, as they can give you realistic advice and help you discern where God might be leading you.

Probably the next step will be to visit somewhere on the field – either though the agency you have contacted or through your own personal contacts. Short-term teams organised by agencies and churches are also an excellent way to do this as well, helping you get a taste for a country and its culture, while not jumping in at the deep end quite yet.

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